When I want my ube fix, I go to Homebaker’s.  When I met Cindy and her sister at Seattle’s Best a year ago to discuss her wedding photo requirements, I shyly asked, “Do you own Homebaker’s?”  I’m always there buying bread and Ube Roll.  During Christmas time, I’d compete with other buyers.  I love their pastries.  I love it even more now! Now that I’ve met the family behind the food.

Francis and Cindy’s engagement session is one of my favorites.  It was my first time to shoot at USC TC – CAFFA Building.  The place was oozing with creativeness.  They have a café smacked right in the middle of the building. I wish we had one back in our campus.  An arsty wall!  Chairs in different colors (instead of wooden armchairs).  It was a place enough to pump up a crew of five including the hair and make up peeps.

In the afternoon we travelled to the mountains for our last two sets.  The place was glorious!  It was a private rest house owned by a famous landscaper.  Forgive me! I cannot remember the name of the owner. It was there that Angel and Jenny planted handmade flowers and hanged dried leaves with Christmas lights.  They’re a genius when it comes to sets and using materials to make photos look more interesting and definitely not ordinary.

What’s a shoot without food?  Of course we were showered with pastries!


Francis Enrico Rodriguez & Cindy Caroline Lim //  June 16, 2013 //  Photo by Shutterfairy Photo // Styling by Angelo Kangleon //  Set Deco by Jenny Hortilloza // HMU by Romero Vergara