I’ve known Tuesday since our student days as nurses.  We were classmates in Philosophy class.  It was the first subject I attended when I went back to school again – Nursing as my second course. I don’t know if she can still remember what she wore that day.  She wore a Bayo top and a nine west bag.

Back then; I was obsessed with anything Bayo.  I still love Bayo.  Everything in that store reminds me of summer. Melodies. Sunsets. Tender flowers.  I have long tapered my obsession with clothes.  I don’t buy as much as I used to.  My closet is half empty.  If I buy something new, I have to let go of something old.  Besides, I am low maintenance.  I’m happy with tattered jeans and a white top.

Our session started on a rather awkward manner.  Chito and Tuesday were nervous about being photographed.  Who wouldn’t?

If I base it from my humble experience, shoots starts that way.  I mean they don’t always start nice.  Shots don’t come out pretty and wow.  I’d rather start awkward and progress beautifully.  It’s like meeting a person for the first time.  You shake hands or give each other a little introduction.  You start talking.  Get to know each other.  Then, somehow, along the way, you’d notice that you have some kind of connection.  Then it starts to feel a bit comfortable to totally comfortable.  The best shots, for me, come towards the end of the session.

How about you?

In this session, I made a quiet conclusion that engagement sessions should be done in one whole day.

It gives me time to bond with the couple.  If we start the session in the morning, we still have the rest of the day to know each other.  It also gives me time to hear about their story.  Ask them questions like where they met, wedding preparations, etc.  It is impossible to drive out what I want in my pictures by appearing only at a particular time. How can I be efficient if I will hold a camera upfront then just give them instructions.  There is no connection!  I’m sure awkwardness will be written all over their photos.  I don’t want that.

So, yeah, I enjoy doing engagement session for one whole day.  Let’s do one whole day!


Styling by Angelo Kangleon
Make-up by Owen Taboada
Hair by Farah Castillo
Crocheted gown by Philipp Tampus
Strapped wooden wedge sandals by Shandar