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I remember meeting KC and Rhowell for the first time. It was at Radisson’s lobby with their wedding coordinator, Tisha Cue of Bliss Unlimited. I was on my two months post partum. The crazy me wanted to lose the baby weight as fast as I could I went juicing. I had to drag myself to meet them!

Today, I delivered their photos. I spotted them from afar. Sweet as ever, they shared a newspaper spread. It was a perfect moment to capture. I still have to make their album. I explained why I wanted them to choose the photos for the album. It becomes more personal and meaningful. I tried choosing photos myself, but when I finished and checked the spreads, it didn’t have that feel that I was looking for.

Some photos of KC and Rhowell’s wedding.


Rhowell Tiu & KC Lumayag | April 12, 2014
Dress up: MarcoPolo Cebu
Ceremony: Cebu Cathedral
Reception: Marco Polo Plaza Cebu


Coordination: Bliss Unlimited
Video: Franz Arogante
Photo: Shutterfairy Photography
HMU: Jonas Borces

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