My interest started when I saw handwritten calligraphy wedding invites .  It took me much longer to take pictures.  I’d position the invites in such a way to capture the depth of the letter press and the strokes and swirls.  Those thin fine lines and those lovely fat thick lines.  I joined the workshop of La Bella Scrittura in Cebu.  I took that opportunity to learn the basics. Half day wasn’t enough!  I practiced at home.  I bought papers (has to be 300 gsm), inks, brush pens, and nibs. More of hoarded really!  It became the replacement of those stationaries I used to collect as a kid.

My love affair with nibs and the smell of ink became unstoppable. There was a point though when I began to question where I was headed with this.  Why write endlessly and do drills tirelessly.  What was my purpose really?  It gave me great satisfaction alright.  It was  a form of therapy, but then what??   All I know is I want to learn some more.  Be more graceful with my strokes.  Master the capital letters (because I suck at it).


I’m happy that calligraphy supplies are now available in Cebu.  You can get them from Joan & Klaire.


They also have worksheets you can practice writing on.  The Rhodia notebook I bought from Fully Booked.


I practice using the Higgins ink.  The walnut ink is pretty too. I bought the Dr. Ph Marins and japanese looking bottle of ink from Craft Carrot.


My favorite nib is the Nikko G.  Fave pen holder is the Kuretake comic pen nib holder.


My growing nib collection.


I’m doing drills before I do Apron Strings.  It’s a brand of hand made soap.  You gotta try ’em soap.