Life has been pretty hectic lately.  I think the only time I get to really enjoy a cup of coffee is when I get out of the house.  That or I get to have a few minutes of rest in between sets.

Ever since I decided not to have a nanny for my little one, my days are spent looking after him and learning how to use the tools I have learned thru the readings I did and the available videos (Sonrise Program) online that I have watched over and over again.  My little boy needs me more than anybody else.  I am thinking of going back to school and take up SPED.  But then, who will take care of him if I do?  It defeats the whole purpose. I think as a parent of a child with special needs, I have to be there fully for him.  I can’t rely on house help or nannies to give him what he needs.

So.. here I am!  Squeezing some blogging time and share with you all the pre-wedding session I had with Joseph and Jinky last September.  Cafe Caw has always been my favorite.  I love the vibe and the food.  I think I’ll never grow tired of going back there.


Concept and styling:  Geof Lagria
HMUA: Rizza Cincoflores

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