There will always be a place that’ll come as a surprise.  Granada Beach Boutique Hotel was one of those resorts that’d feel like you are where you are but not really there.

We research about places for our engagement sessions.  We make it a rule not to repeat concepts and locations.  This is the main reason why when couples ask us to do something like the past engagement sessions, we candidly explain to them that we can’t repeat the same concept.  We give our couples individuality.  We also pay attention to the props and details that we use.  Those we can’t use again.

We traveled all the way to Boljoon for this shoot.  It was my first time shoot at Granada Beach Boutique Hotel.

It is a secluded eight-bedroom boutique hotel with 360 degrees scenic view of the sea and mountain.  How pretty is that?


Ivan Tan & Ivy Ochua //  April 7, 2013 // Granada Beach, Boljoon Cebu // Styling by Guada Mariel Calledo // Photo by Shutterfairy Photo

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Ivy Ochua Tan
May 12, 2013
Thank you Shutterfairy for the beautiful videos and photographs that you uploaded and posted. We really love how the pictures turned out. Take care. Ivan and Ivy Tan

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