Angelo Kangleon is a writer, stylist, start-up photographer (currently apprentices at Shutterfairy Photography), aspiring set decorator, and former editor based in Cebu City.

Having started his creative journey at a young age (“I was about 17 when I worked on my first photo shoot”), he leverages years of experience, editorial acumen and invaluable lessons culled from his mentors in the creative industry to help his clients make effective image decisions.

Angelo’s favorite part of his creative process is the building of the storyboard: “I was a writer before I became everything else,” he says, “so it was only natural that storytelling would become a huge part of all the other things I ended up pursuing.”  Of course, following as close second is getting to work with a lot of talented people: “Especially the makeup artists—Romero Vergara, WenWen Zaspa, Emi Ayag, Ramil Solis, etc. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by works of genius!”

On the difference between styling editorial and real people, he shares, “With editorial, you have this kind of freedom to start from scratch, and you’re kind of allowed to be outrageous; with real people, however, you have to exercise some restraint because the goal is to augment their qualities, not disguise them.”

Currently he is obsessed with all things grunge, the ‘40s silhouette, horses, and California. But that’s just talking about the right now—tomorrow, all that can change. “I don’t know if that’s a good thing, but I am fickle like that.”

Visit Angelo’s website: akangelokangleon [dot] wordpress [dot] com

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