A&R_ blog01 Ruby is the most relaxed, bubbliest and the funniest bride I’ve ever photographed.  No jitters on her wedding day.  She just took it all in and laughed the day away (even when it rained). Ruby and I met when we were still in nursing school.  You read that right!  I am a registered nurse who followed her dreams.  I thought it was all I ever wanted.  The medical world was IT for me.  My life plan was focused on coveting a job abroad.  But the road to that goal became harder and harder.  There are thousands of unemployed nurses in the Philippines. Sad, isn’t it? To Ruby and Andrew, thank you for giving us the privilege to document the love you have for one another. 


Andrew & Ruby Pearl // July 15, 2013 // The Henry’s Hotel // San Isidro Parish-Beverly View // HMUA: Abbai Pila // Photo: Shutterfairy Photo // Video: Concept One Ojerio // Shoes: Shandar // Gown:  Barbie Alvez // Coordination: Iris Castillo Weddings //DJ: Ryan Uybengkee 


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September 15, 2013
I love how laid back the pictures look here Maria :) I wish I can shoot Wedding Preps at the Henry one of these days. Your pictures are sooo pretty!

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