Ernest and Vanessa met in College.  That was like fifteen or so years ago.  That long?? Sparks didn’t start flying until they saw each other again.

I won’t be their wedding photographer.  I’ll be part of the entourage and will be forced to wear a tube gown (conservative me) and high heels (ballet flats me).  I’m not sure how I will behave or if I should bring my camera. I think she wanted me to do their engagement shoot just so I won’t feel bad.  Sadness!!  Put me to good use, please!


Ernesto Herrera III +  Vanessa Villareal // Styling by Angelo Kangleon // Hair & Make-up by Owen Taboada // Location:  Amun Ini [Anda, Bohol]



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July 9, 2012
Thank you mai..Ernest and I love the pics,its beautiful and you made us look gorgeous (in my own right!lol) we owe you loads but you cant get away being one of our bridesmaids, you will definitely look good and sexy with that tube gown and stilletos>>its the AGs getting into sex in the city knda thing>>you know what I

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