It all started as a hobby. I took pictures of insects, morning dew, flowers of all colors and sizes. I went thru the phase of post processing my photos the wrong way. I joined clubs and workshops. Researched the web and stalked my favorite photographers – Jasmine Star! To make the story short, I made mistakes in the past and learned from them. I can truly say I have found my spot where I don’t need to copy someone else’s work or try to be a photographer I’m not. My work is a reflection of what’s inside me – the dreams that I continue to chase, my happily ever after. If you don’t see me holding a camera or taking pictures (which is not normal), you’ll find me:

  • Cycling. I’m addicted to cycling. Thus, the morena skin color.
  • Scuba diving. Because it is so quiet down there. The color of the sea amazes me. How I deeply wish that one day I’d be able to buy an underwater camera.
  • With the LOVES of my life – Marcus, Matthieu and the two Niño’s.
  • At the beach. The best place in my book to hold an e-sesh is always there. The sound of the waves, the palm trees dancing, the sand in between my toes, the smell of the sea. Just the perfect ingredient to weave moments together!
  • Pounding my keyboard and starting at the computer monitor. Because deadlines don’t end. I personally edit photos. It takes me 8-12 weeks editing time to deliver the finished product.


I also believe that when you write down your dreams, it attracts the universe to make it happen. Sharing with you my bucket list. This list will continue to grow longer.

  • Photograph an Indian wedding in India.
  • See Batanes
  • Dive Tubbataha Reef
  • Shoot an international wedding
  • Own a studio

This blog is a way of featuring my latest couple + family + children sessions, as well as sharing personal thoughts and stories.  I look forward to meeting you. If you happen to want to know what I’m doing day by day, you can follow me on twitter @shutterfairyph.  Add me on Facebook as shutterfairy.   Follow me in instagram.  You can email me at See you.

  • julai - Hi Miss M.

    I am stalking you until here. hehehe. Love your new home and the LO is super nice. Guessing from the color, I think you´re also a yellow fanatic.hehee.

    Excited to see more amazing photos in the future. Keep safe and God bless.ReplyCancel

    • shutterfairy - Hello there.. yes I am a yellow fanatic, but not at all because I love our president. :-) Reminds me of summer and lemonade stands. Dreamy! Thank you for dropping by.ReplyCancel

  • Jade Saducas - hi mai :) SO PROUD!!!! :) more blessings!ReplyCancel

  • Jade Saducas - hi mai!:) SO PROUD!!!:) more blessings!:)ReplyCancel

  • julai - Hi Miss Mai. it´s me again.hehehe. Same here, my love for yellow has nothing to do with the President or his mother.:) It´s inborn I guess, hehee kay sukad pa sa bata pako gnahan naman ko ug yellow. Masuko ko sa ahong Mama basta palitan ko ug things nga di yellow or way yellow bisan gamay.hehhe.ReplyCancel

  • ethiel - hello miss M. your a great photographer your my idol :))ReplyCancel

  • Glaissa A. Cadavos - so beautiful works!!! idol!ReplyCancel

  • mememe - i LOVE your site!!

    i was one of the nurses when you got admitted & gave birth and almost everyone was talking so fondly about you & your work (especially the OB residents) so i got curious. you now have one more fan in me.

    i hope you and your new baby boy recover well and be healthy.ReplyCancel

  • Chameleon - Hi, i’m one of your followers in instagram and I found out that you’re a nurse (correct me if I’m wrong). Just wanna ask how long did you practice nursing before pursuing your passion for photography.

    I’m also a nurse but I practiced it for just 3 months. :))ReplyCancel

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