Hello. My name is Mai.

I am a family, wedding and engagement photographer based in Cebu city, Philippines. I believe in doing whatever it is you do with heart. I see LIFE in pictures. I LOOK for the moments we tend to take for granted.

I hope to meet you one day.
Sandwiches July 28, 2017 / Commercial & Catalog While taking pictures of these mouth watering sandwiches, I asked myself -- what kind of sandwich am I??? Hhhhhmmmm.. meatless! There's a cafe opening soon that will highlight mangoes.  Yup yup ... READ MORE Mt. Kalatungan November 14, 2016 / Personal It was a good working break! I enjoy unexpected travels and the road less traveled. There was nothing fancy about this trip. It was a trek that taught me so many things. It also gave me the chance... READ MORE Cebu Living Magazine: Kayu & Simple Wishes October 22, 2016 / Personal Last September I did a shoot for Cebu Living Magazine. It was a pleasant experience. The people I met from Manila were warmer. Love it when I am not pressured to create images not of my liking. By thi... READ MORE Wedding Essentials September 28, 2016 / Personal Last May I did a shoot for Wedding Essential’s June issue. Shooting for a magazine was a different experience. I was excited when I agreed to do the project. I wished for a magazine shoot and w... READ MORE Delays are blessings too. August 9, 2016 / Personal I didn’t really know what it meant--- Global Developmental Delay. That was Fin’s diagnosis when I brought him to see a developmental pediatrician a month ago. I had to wait for three months to get... READ MORE Shooting The Shooter. July 18, 2016 / Personal The best way to celebrate friendship and photography is to have a mini photo session by the beach of course with lechon and lots of stories to share. The last time we did something like this wa... READ MORE

Congratulations Mai!!!! Nice site!!!

Hi, just wanting to know if you have any recommendations on cinematographers/videographers based in Cebu that you have worked with and their websites?

Hi, just wanting to know if you have any recommendations on cinematophers/videographers based in Cebu that you have worked with and their websites?

Hi, i’m one of your followers in instagram and I found out that you’re a nurse (correct me if I’m wrong). Just wanna ask how long did you practice nursing before pursuing your passion for photography.

I’m also a nurse but I practiced it for just 3 months. :))

i LOVE your site!!

i was one of the nurses when you got admitted & gave birth and almost everyone was talking so fondly about you & your work (especially the OB residents) so i got curious. you now have one more fan in me.

i hope you and your new baby boy recover well and be healthy.

Waaaaaaaaahhh thank you for leaving a comment. Will never forget that day.

so beautiful works!!! idol!

hello miss M. your a great photographer your my idol :))

Hi Miss Mai. it´s me again.hehehe. Same here, my love for yellow has nothing to do with the President or his mother.:) It´s inborn I guess, hehee kay sukad pa sa bata pako gnahan naman ko ug yellow. Masuko ko sa ahong Mama basta palitan ko ug things nga di yellow or way yellow bisan gamay.hehhe.

Yellow is my son’s favorite color. It reminds me of sunsets and sunrise..

hi mai!:) SO PROUD!!!:) more blessings!:)

hi mai 🙂 SO PROUD!!!! 🙂 more blessings!

Hi Miss M.

I am stalking you until here. hehehe. Love your new home and the LO is super nice. Guessing from the color, I think you´re also a yellow fanatic.hehee.

Excited to see more amazing photos in the future. Keep safe and God bless.

Hello there.. yes I am a yellow fanatic, but not at all because I love our president. 🙂 Reminds me of summer and lemonade stands. Dreamy! Thank you for dropping by.

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