Because sometimes, I feel that I need to uproot myself from city life (the crazy traffic, household dilemmas, deadlines, and meetings) and the humdrum of my busy schedule… My family and I went to Healing Present Wellness Farm in Balamban for four days.  There, I learned to commune with nature and be grateful for the moment.  It felt surreal being there!  It was so quiet, it was deafening in a good way.  It was just myself, the place and a higher being.  I couldn’t describe the peacefulness and the happiness.  It was like magic dust were sprinkled everywhere.  And when I see the trees dance with the wind and look at the sky like I could just hold their fluffiness.  Everything I experienced there was new to my senses.

I brought my camera but I intentionally didn’t touch it because I didn’t want to zone my mind that I was there for work.  The photos you see here are all iPhone photos.  Better than nothing, eh???

I turned Vegan a few weeks ago. I am past my 21 days.  They say it takes 21 days to form a habit.  So here I am! I’m still at it. I spend nights watching you tube videos about how to cook vegan dishes.  I researched vegan recipes and experimented some dishes. So far so good!  I am loving how it makes me feel — light as the air!  I don’t feel bloated and angsty.  I don’t feel hungry all the time.  My skin feels and looks different.  My hair shinier.  My weight dropped a little (but that should be healthy, too).  My energy level is up!  My sleep deeper and my mind clearer.  I could go on and on and on!

Nobody forced me to do this.  It is but a choice I made for the love of health. I want to live long enough to chase after my grand children!  I don’t want to burden my boys with me getting sick in the future.  I want to be there  when they marry and celebrate important milestones in their lives.  I don’t want to use a cane or be in a wheelchair.  I’m a nurse and I don’t want to be the patient!! So, the choice was made! I am all for wellness.  I hope to encourage others, too!


While at the farm, we cycled all the way to Asturias.  It was our couple time.


The farm’s pool is a few meters walk.  Imagine cold, natural water!  Fin enjoyed the swim, but we had a hard time trekking back to the main cottage.  He was so heavy, we took turns carrying him.


The four day program include organic meals, juices, and different therapies.  I’ve never felt so pampered in my whole life.  It felt like I lived in a spa — massage here, massage there, body wrap here, herbal bath there, mud pack in this place and then in another place.  I giggled every time there was something new to try.  I love the therapies. They made us feel so at home, I felt a bit sad leaving the place.  It was like we formed an invisible bond!


My Fin loves plants.  He loves nature – the sea, dogs, plants. He coos every time he holds plants. He talks to them like they are babies.  His mornings were spent walking around the farm.


To know more about the 4 day wellness retreat, head over to their website:  Healing Present Nature and Wellness Farm