So much has changed since the last time I visited Eleanor’s farm about three years ago.

I want to try Healing Present’s four day wellness retreat.  No better way to detox and pamper thyself other than to stay there.  They have organic vegan programs, juicing sessions, Ultra bath, mud therapy, yoga and meditation session, colon cleansing/liver detoxification, stone and herbal massage whenever you want, herbal scrub, and natural facial skin treatment.  I imagined myself doing all those with no interruption from the outside world!  No deadlines.  No phones!! Must be blissful to live there for even just four days.  Sometimes I think the best way to restart is to be some place else.

The farm is open for an intimate gathering of fifty to sixty people.  She told me cheerfully, “Mai, we can do weddings here already!”  Their doors are also open for engagement sessions.

For more information, please contact:

Eleanor Rivera
Healing Present Nature & Wellness Farm
+63 32 3163454
+64 917 714 8254


We were welcomed by a cold herbal tonic drink and an herb foot bath.


The tonic drink is loaded with medicinal hers and fruits that are full of antioxidants.


Everything they serve there is organic.  It never crossed my mind that I could actually serve camote with buko and cherry tomatoes!


Here she talked about her advocacy and how it all started.  She told me about the story before, but it felt listening to her tell the tale for the first time.


Juice samples.  I finished all of it.


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March 22, 2015
How about that family session with Jhoe here????? :D
    March 23, 2015
    why not...
Thirdy Mercado
January 25, 2016
Hi, How much is their 4 day wellness program? I'm interested to try it out. Hoping to hear from you. Thanks. Thirdy.
    January 26, 2016
    Hi... Their four day program package is 40k - 50k. It is worth spending..

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