“Anything! I just want Cha to be happy!”

What Dee said when we had their engagement session stuck with me.  On their wedding day, I remembered those words.  Cha looked radiant and very happy.

It led me to some thoughts about relationships and marriage.  I do shoot weddings for a living but I just don’t shoot mechanically.  I absorb what I see and feel what I feel.  I listen to speeches and take mental notes and try to apply it to myself and my relationships. Sometimes, I argue about loving unconditionally.  I hear this often during wedding sermons that one should love without expecting anything in return.  One should love with all abandon.  No expectations!  I ask this question with no one in particular — but isn’t it that love should not be taken for granted?? How can one go on loving someone without feeling loved in return?  Won’t it die a thousand deaths?

Ahhhh forgive me for I ponder a lot.  I think too much.  I ask too many questions. Sometimes it gets to me!

Some photos of Cha and Dee’s wedding last December.  This, I guess, is the closest I get to my dream of shooting a wedding in India.  I heard it goes on for days.  I can just imagine the colors, the culture and how different it will be.  Sometimes I think I need a dose of newness in what I do!


Deepak and Charise  | 12.20.14

Dress-up: Waterfront Hotel & Casino
Ceremony: Pedro Calungsod Chapel
Reception: Crimson Resort & Spa
Wedding Coordinator: Snoogie Reynes Mata
Video: Sly Climaco of Slystudios
Hair & make-up:
Bridal Gown: Ronald Enrico
Bridesmaids, Bearers, Flower Girls, Female Secondary Sponsors gown: Mary Ty of Very Mary
Flowers and Decors: Chaty Dabuco Archival
Cake: Pastries by Jessica
Wedding Invitations: Written in Ink (WINK)
Emcee: Ryan Uybengkee



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