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It has been almost two weeks since the 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Cebu.  Since then I found it hard to stay put in front of the computer and work on the folders to be edited.  A little shake here and there, I’d leave my work area and focus on something else.

When the earthquake struck, I worried about the cameras and the computers and the external hard drives.  One time, I hid everything inside my closet thinking if something would crumble at least my clothes would be there to give it cushion.  Crazy idea, ins’t it?  But when you are in a middle of a strange situation, you’d think of crazy ways to cope.   That was one of the crazy things I did aside from memorizing all the cracks I saw inside the house.  Cebu is not ready for earthquakes!

I give you Alvin and Chen’s wedding.


Alvin Oblena & Gretchen Mosada // August 17, 2013 //  HMU by Erika Diaz // Video by Sly Climaco // Photo by Shutterfairy Photo 

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October 29, 2013
Maria, it's always nice browsing through your blogs :) Music Bed Disk coming up!
    November 3, 2013
    hahahhaha.. been waiting...

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