Of Valentines Day and a wedding : Ariel & Elounie

He clung to her after Elounie’s parents gave her away to man she will spend the rest of her life with.  He embraced her and buried his face onView more photos >>

Teracota Manor: Ariel & Elounie Engagement Session

It was my first time to shoot in Teracota Manor.  A pretty house resting nicely on a hill somewhere in Busay.  When the van parked, the first thingView more photos >>

Beach post wedding session: Eireech & Rambo

I hate to rant! But over the weekend (the day before this shoot), I photographed (oh well, I tried) a triathlon event.  A sports photographer that IView more photos >>

Shutterfairy photo boxes

Say hello to these lovely photo boxes.  For 2015 we will be including these boxes in all the photo packages we currently have.  All photos will beView more photos >>

An afternoon with Frances & Kent

There’s a nasty virus going around!  I’ve been sick since last Friday.  It started with a sore throat and later on progressed to cough,View more photos >>

Hello Again: The Ruyeras Family

When I entered their hotel room, I said Hello!   I was greeted by hello again.. Again because the first time I saw them was two or so years ago whenView more photos >>

Cafe Racer & Be Resort: Rudolf & Jundilyn

Love knows no race, no age, no time, no space!  It just happens when it happens.  During their engagement session, I asked Jundilyn the usualView more photos >>

About turning ONE: Ethan

When I first did a session with this little man, he was just about two weeks old.  We made him wear a dinosaur costume with a colorful backdrop.  HeView more photos >>

The Yu’s Family Session

It was a wonderful day spent with F-A-M-I-L-Y!  Mine went with me to work while I photographed today’s family, The Yu’s.  They were aView more photos >>

About the new year and Paul & Shane’s Shangri-la Mactan Resort Wedding

Shane and Paul’s wedding was our first for twenty fifteen.   It has been a challenging twenty fourteen.  I hope this year will be waaaaayView more photos >>

Philipp & Denise Movenpick Hotel Wedding

Philipp and Denise’s wedding was our last wedding for 2014.  I was stranded in Ormoc because of tyhpoon Seniang.  I pleaded with the heavensView more photos >>

Bump Love: Tuesday

I remember Tuesday from our Logic class in nursing school.  She was always quiet.  She was still that way when I photographed their wedding someView more photos >>