H  e  l  l  o.



“Day after day we strive to capture literal blinks in time that stitch together moments into beautiful memories.
We think ourselves as photographers but in most cases we are story tellers; witnesses to intimate moments, small triumphs and quiet sorrows.”


Shooting The Shooter.

The best way to celebrate friendship and photography is to have a mini photo session by the beach of course with lec ...
July 18, 2016

That cafe by the road.

Off I went to Bukidnon last weekend to photograph food.  That's right! Foooooddddd.. It was shoot and then eat.  The ...
April 26, 2016

Finally my album and prints.

After two years of dilly-dallying, I finally found the time to segregate family photos.  Congratulations to me!  Hoo ...
April 6, 2016

About the weekend and that house by the beach.

My friend Grace invited me to spend the weekend at their beach house in far away south of Cebu - Ginatlian.  I expec ...
February 22, 2016